Long Term Athletic Development

The Long term Athletic Development (LTAD) has been adopted by most of the youth sport's governing bodies in most nations. Following the practices and principles of the LTAD has proven to be the best way to produce elite athletes. The LTAD tells us that it is wise to concentrate on developing skills before being concerned with winning in competition. It specifies the appropriate ages where competition can be introduced but that is not until 16U. Younger athletes need to spend their early years concentrating on developing the natural court movements and muscle memory needed for future years. Tournaments should only be used to gauge progress towards our developmental goals. Competition is only emphasised after the basic skills have been developed.

The links on the right provide a good foundation for parents and coaches to start using the LTAD in their approach to training and supporting our young athletes so they enjoy the great game of volleyball for their entire life.

LTAD Resources

Here you will find links to resources to help you to understand the concepts and philosophies surrounding the LTAD and why it's important to you child.